Fedora Activity Day – Phnom Penh 2014

A while ago Truong Anh Tuan asked KONG Somvannda and me if we can host an FAD for the Ambassador from the APAC region. Therefore, we are happy to host event here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
We started organizing the things that are needed like space for meeting and all the things that are needed and now we are in a stage where we can anounce it.
Here we go the Fedora Activity Day will take place on the weekend from November 14th to 16th in Phnom Penh/Cambodia. We have an Wiki page with all information, you also can register there for participation.
We would be happy to see many Ambassadors there from different countries of the APAC region. To minimize the costs for travelling we also aranged that you can participate remote.
Personally, I really like to work on this, you get help from different sides of the Fedora project, like from Marie Nordin, who made us that beautiful badge for this event. 
I also want to thank gnokii who is still helping us since March, with mentoring to improve our work.
The FAD is thought for improving the work of APAC Ambassador, so no place for giving talks! So we need to know what are the plans for events for the next year, how we can produce swag centralized and distribute it and find out where we can work better together.
See you in Phnom Penh, Pearl of Asia

Hello Fedora Planet!

Greeting my dear fellow!
I am Nisa, my full name is Ban Botrey Nisa. Before I became an Ambassador for Fedora, in March, I visited FOSSASIA and I got a lot inspiration from the Fedora people there. I decided to join the Fedora community. 
I had experiences with Fedora before, as one of my professor in my fourth year academy uses it to teach college students. Unfortunately, students never  know that such a nice Fedora community, with so many wonderful people, exist. 
But now that I am an Ambassador, at least two people; the other Ambassador is Mr. Kong Somvannda, in Cambodia who can tell it to them.
Here in this blog I will write about what I do for Fedora. I hope you, my wonderful people will guide and help us to let this work become remarkable in Cambodia via your feedback.